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ROP Co Chair


"I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve in ROP this year. I am excited for theses young men as they go through their journey in this wonderful leadership program."

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ROP Co Activity Chair


"ROP affords us as Black men and program mentors the opportunity to showcase the positive influence and
impact we can have on our young men. It fosters an environment where our experiences are leveraged to
mold and shape the future aspirations and outcomes of the next generation. The ultimate measure of
success is seeing former initiates return as mentors to pay it forward!"

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ROP Co Chair


"As an African-American mother of only daughters, seeing these young men transition
into manhood is an amazing experience. Year after year, the Initiates and Mentors
exhibit Black Excellence that makes the ancestors proud!"

ROP Co Activity Technology Chair


"The ROP program provides our young men with the cultural awareness and identity of self,  that is essential to their life success as men of African descent. They are challenged to grow through the journey, ascend into manhood and define their role in the community."


ROP Co Activity Chair


"With talent comes expectation and accountability.  Accountability to be excellent and make an impact in your community and society.  We create a high accountability environment to learn, execute and lead."

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ROP Co Chair


I am honored to be a part of the planning team for ROP 2021. Now more than ever, our young Black men need the opportunity to be mentored by Black male role models, and the ROP program serves that need in a highly personalized, intentional, and community-oriented way.


ROP Co Activity Chair


“ROP is about building community. It provides a phenomenal opportunity for young men of African descent
to go on a learning journey in a safe space with a group of their peers. This journey allows them to learn more deeply about their strengths, individually and collectively. We help them find their purpose in their community and the world.”