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Daheia Barr-Anderson

Program Co-Chair

It is amazing what you see when we require young, motivated talent to discover their greatness and step into it with boldness. ROP is like a large stone dropped into a body of water, it ripples well beyond the entry point.

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Anton Vincent

Activity Co-Chair

ROP is a bedrock of the Twin Cities diverse community of African descent.  It's a personal passion to work with such talented and motivated young men and watch them enter the world with new found self understanding and purpose.


Rodney Anderson

Activity Co-Chair

With talent comes expectation and accountability.  Accountability to be excellent and make an impact in your community and society.  We create a high accountability environment to learn, execute and lead.


Lindy Vincent

Program Co-Chair

ROP presents a unique opportunity for young  men of Afrtcan descent to experience new things, bond with their peers and mentors and find their authentic voice.  Excited to see them make their mark.


Sheneeta White

Program Co-Chair

Being a part of ROP means the world to me. Each year I look forward to watching the young men progress through the program.  I encourage each Initiate to keep working towards greatness.

ROP Activity Chairs are the primary architects of the experience and interface with the Initiates.  In collaboration with the ROP mentors, they invest significant time in sourcing, organizing and creating differentiating engagement opportunities that will inform, inspire and challenge the Initiates.  ROP is blessed to have an engaged Twin Cities community that lends its resources to help broaden the Initiates' perspective and provide significant insight and access to key leaders across industry, academia, politics and non-profit sectors.  Jack and Jill ROP Program Chairs lead a dedicated team of volunteer mothers who provide the critical planning and operational backbone that coordinates and aligns resources to ensure a smooth, efficient Rites of Passage experience for all constituents.  Their leadership includes leading the planning and operation of the Rites of Passage Community Celebration.  Together these two teams spend the better part of a year focusing on creating a differential Rites of Passage experience for the Initiates, their families and the greater Twin Cities community.

Lindsay Benjamin

United Health Group

ROP Mentors

Make the Difference

Meet some of our mentors

Mentors are the backbone of Rites of Passage.   They serve a dual role as guide and coach.   Mentors are ingrained in the leadership experience, the first call for advice, counsel and expertise on how to approach certain tasks inside and outside of the program.   Many of the mentors are fathers and all are accomplished leaders.  Men of African descent currently on their own journey of excellence who have accepted the mantle of giving back to those who follow.   Mentor relationships often continue beyond ROP.   With an increasing amount of past ROP Initiates returning to mentor, the circle of life is benefiting the Rites of Passage greatly every year. 

Apply To Be A Mentor

Charles Scott

Covian Technologies

As a former student-athlete and father of two beautiful daughters, I have found my perspective resonates well with the many Initiates I've had over the years.  I take the opportunity to help shape the next generation of leaders seriously.  ROP has evolved to a seminal experience prior to entering college.  I wish we could touch many more kids.

Lovell Davis


I get great pleasure in helping to mentor the Initiates.   I have a young son and the experience has helped me to better understand how to help him navigate life as a young teen.   I have great passion for the ROP and believe I am having an impact on the next generation.

Scott Morris


I'm fortunate to have been associated with ROP for some time.  Seeing young men begin to realize the power they have, today, is the joy for me.  I spend my professional life developing and counseling leaders.  Being able to apply that passion to the next generation aligns with my purpose.

Chris Majors

General Mills

I am a long time mentor who has seen a variety of kids come through ROP.  Invariably there is a light that goes off and that, for me, is the moment.  I appreciated when my son came through ROP.  It helped reinforce the things my wife and I were teaching him at home.   Further, it helped him visualize his own uniqueness and craft a clear plan of how he wanted to achieve his goals.

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